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Why Play Chess

Why not! For some, chess will never inspire the imagination. Perceived as a game played very slowly, it does not appeal to those who prefer the thrills and spills of fast-moving sports.
But chess is far more than just another board game. Firstly, there is the social element. By mixing with other chess players, you will be meeting people who appreciate some of the finer things in life.
Those you meet will be mostly just like the ordinary folk you meet in the street. They come from all walks of life. They enjoy the same things that most other people find interesting, entertaining, and so much more. Chances are you will meet people you will find working on factory floors and in shops, as well as those in highly-paid professions. Chess is a great equaliser in that respect. Ergo, chess brings together people on different social scales, but sharing the same mindset.
Many chess clubs also play in locations where it is possible to enjoy a drink (of the alcoholic variety) and to engage in light-hearted banter. Chess clubs are social clubs for people who enjoy the company of those whose background is irrelevent. Therefore, chess is a civilised way to enjoy good company.
There are other benefits to the game as well. Whatever you level of skill, chess helps you to think rationally. This can be a great benefit in your everyday life where you can apply your collective state of mind to challenging tasks. Chess will teach you how to be composed, logical and rational.
Chess clubs also belong to leagues where you get to play serious games in a relaxed environment. This is where you will learn the most. And it's not just about winning your game for the sake of your team, it is also about learning from your losses. The more people you play against, the more you will learn. You may set out as a novice without a great deal of skill, but within a short space of time playing in a chess club, you will develop skills you may think you have never possessed.
For those who do like the excitement of fast moving sports, chess is sometimes played at 'lightning' speed. Tournaments which are designed to compel you to move within seconds rather than minutes, are fast moving and will challenge you to your limits. So never let it be said that chess is just a boring old game played by boring old men (and women). Expect to meet players from all age groups and expect the very young to be sometimes talented well beyond their youthful years.
The atmosphere in chess clubs is also very relaxed. You should normally expect to pop along to a club somehwere and just play a few games without being pressured to join immediately. Get a taste for the game, the club, and if you enjoy yourself, then offer to join. Subscriptions vary from club to club, but the value is generally very good.
So what are you waiting for? Find a club you would like to visit, and just drop in. No appointments, invitations, or any other pre-determined criteria apply. Just get yourself down to club of your choice and get a feel of the place. There's nothing to lose, but a lot to gain if you decide it is something which will bring an extra dimension to your life.

For pre-visit enquiries, please refer to this page of the Wolverhampton Chess Club website:
Wolverhampton Chess Club Contacts
The club's location can be found on the following maps:
West End Working Men's Club
Merridale St West
West Midlands

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