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Club History

You can read one version of the club's history on the ensuing link. However, there are some gaps and I shall endeavour (over time) to try and help complete some of the missing pieces of the club's history
Wolverhampton Chess Club History

Club History: A personal view

As an on-and-off member for many years, I can recall some of the years that are not mentioned in the club's published history.
I am not sure when I shall get to complete this picture, as my own connection to the club goes back (I think) thirty-plus years. That is a lot to try and recall.
I can add that my own sporadic relationships with the club were due to my own 'geographical' movements - having lived in different places over the space of many years.
Of course, other events also overtake us. We all have our own lives to lead, and some of us have priorities which prevent us from giving our full focus to the game of chess.
So! Please call back in 2018. I'm hoping to find more than a few hours to bring you more information about the club's history, and to give a mention to some of the (dare I say 'glaring') omissions in the club's version of events. In the mean time, I dedicate the additional yet-to-appear additional content to some of those I knew from yesteryear. These names include: Peter Miller; Frank Sproson; the Walton brothers; Pat Walkins; Geoff Thurman; and others who spring to mind who are not mentioned (or 'vaguely referred to') on the club's website.