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14TH NOVEMBER, 2020.

No change

Almost two months since the last update. Nothing is happening - bar some sort of replacement 'online' chess event, or two.

Will there be any league chess before the end of the regular chess season? The simple answer is NO! Will there be a Summer season? It's looking highly unlikely.

So, the bottom line is it will be September 2021 before we see any signs of life. But even then, who knows what restrictions will be in place. I hope nobody is holding their breath (as if the muzzles many people are wearing are not helping them do that already).

PS. If you are getting a chess computer as a Christmas present, cherish it. It may be the only action you see for a long time.


16th March, 2020: Covid-19 Announcement

The English Chess Federation has recommended a halt, temporary or otherwise, to the current chess season.
The WDCL, DDCL and the CDCL have all said that that they will observe this request. We expect the Birmingham League to announce they will do likewise.
Update, 19th March. As expected, the Birmingham League have followed recommendations and have postponed matches until further notice.

13th March, 2020: Important victory.

The Birmingham League Division 1 team have beaten Olton by 3.5 - 2.5 in a partially-adjourned match. Survival in this Division is almost assured.


10th March, 2020: Some sunshine!

Update a little bit later than expected. Obviously, 'other events' have caused some of us to change our daily habits. Regardless ...
It's been business as usual mixed results. Notably though, the Birmingham League Division 1 team have an important adjourned match against Olton to be decided. Precariously balanced at two and a half points each, a victory for the Wolverhampton team would be a welcome bonus. Such a result would almost guarantee them their place in the Division next season.
In Division 3 of the same League, a cracking result for the club's B Team, beating champions-elect Rushall by four points to two. Again, safety is virtually assured.
In the CDCL, the club picked up it's first victory against Bushbury. Better late than never!
Of other news, the club's B Team hang onto their place in the WDCL Division 2 by their fingernails. A crucial match against Warley Quinborne awaits on the 19th March, and if they lose that one, then it could all be down to Mercia's last four matches to decide if they keep their place in the Division. As a caveat, and if the club lose their last match, Kidderminster B (if they also lose their last match) will finish above Wolverhampton despite being on the the same number of match points. This is due to a defaulted game earlier in the season by one of the Wolverhampton team players. It could prove to be very costly.
As for cups and trophies, there is nothing to report beyond what has already been published.

27th February, 2020: In the Final!

The club has reached the final of the Humphreys Trophy with a resounding win over Mercia by 3.5 to 0.5.
They will play Rushall in the Final, with a date yet to be set for the match.
More news in the *March, 2020 website update. *Expected around 7th / 8th March.


1st February, 2020: More mixed results!

The up-and-down fortunes of the club persist. However, and although it looks as if none of the teams will be relegated this season (well, not quite yet), there are signs of a thaw in the icy-cold results of at least one team.
The Birmingham League Division 3 team have racked up their third victory. After losing the first 3 matches, they now have a 50% record and look quite secure.
Other results have not been so great. But considering there are weaker teams that are favourites for relegation, there is no need to press the alarm button quite yet.
The only real danger at this team is the Cannock League team may finish bottom (or near to bottom) of Division 2. But this League is poorly supported and relegation issues are not of any concern. The Dudley League team has also only played 1 game this season. This was a win back in November. So the good news is they are still 100% successful!
As for trophy news, the club is scheduled to play a home game against Mercia in the Humphrey's Trophy Semi-Final on Wednesday, February 26th. *Chris Cox also has a Semi-Final game (again at home) to be played against Stephen Heath in the Bidgood Trophy competition (*correction to original news). There is not set date as yet for their game.
Next general report update will be on or around March 1st. However, results are updated (as per usual) as soon as they are received.


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