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Wolverhampton Chess Club


Upcoming matches

Full Wolverhampton Fixtures and Results List

Wolverhampton and District League

Thursday, 25th April. A Team Away v Lichfield A
The B team have concluded their season as Division 4 champions. Won 8, Drew 1, Lost 1.

Birmingham League

Thursday, 29th March. Home v Stourbridge

Cannock and District League

Thursday, 12th April. Home v Brewood

Dudley and District League

Thursday, 29th March. Away v Halesowen

Cups, Trophies, etc.

Please refer to updates that appear on this page.


23rd March, 2018: Two defeats and sad news.

It's not been a great week for the club, or chess. Defeats for the club are one thing, but the game has lost a much-respected legend.
Graham Humphreys, who surely must be known by countless chess players of all strengths, abilities and from around the country, has passed away.
Rather than try to explain how much this loss will be felt, as I did not know Graham that well, I would refer to the obituary for Graham on the WDCL website.
Graham's Obituary


God rest, Graham.
In other news, Geoff Rosser lost his Bidgood Trophy Final game to Victor Brown. Congratulations to Victor.
Finally, Wolverhampton lost at home to Stafford in Division 1 of the WDCL. The club was outgraded, and especially so on the top four boards.


9th March, 2018: Wolverhampton reach Humphrey's Trophy Final!

Congratulations to Aaron Ujjal, John Lee, Eddie Badger, and (who is having a really good season) Geoff Rosser.
The score was 2.5 - 1.5. There were wins for Rosser and Lee, and a draw for Ujjal. Only defeat was for Badger.
The club now awaits the outcome of the other Semi-Final between Walsall and Warley Quinborne. No date for the Final has yet been fixed.
In the WDCL Division 1 game against Warley Quinborne, Wolverhampton were mostly outgraded, and this led to a loss. The score was 1.5 - 4.5. However, the club's A Team will still be playing in Division 1 next season.


6th March, 2018: Semi-Final against Rushall scheduled for tonight.

Allowing for the caveat of the usual mishmash of information that comes from various trophy and cup competitions, it is expected that the Humphrey's Trophy Semi-Final between Wolverhampton and Rushall will go ahead tonight. Wolverhampton will be the hosts.
It will be interesting to see who plays for the club tonight. But, hopefully, it will be a strong team. Rushall could also prove to be stiff competition, and there is no way to predict what could happen. Regardless, we shall publish the result as soon as it is known.


5th March, 2018: Geoff Rosser marches into Bidgood Trophy final.

Scheduled for 20th March, the Bidgood Trophy final will be decided. Congratulations to Geoff Rosser of Wolverhampton Chess Club for getting this far.
He will be hoping his opponent, Victor Brown, does not live up to his name! The game 'kicks off' at 7-30pm.


2nd March, 2018: Brrrrr!

No chess this week. It's not every time when it snows that matches are postponed, but this week has been exceptional. Even the brass monkeys have stayed at home and kept well wrapped-up.
Next match nights are scheduled for next Thursday. Temperatures? Well, should be above zero, at least. But with another predicted blast of cold air coming in from the East the weekend after this, then it will be matter of how much effect it will have, and how long it will last.
As for the postponed match(es), we await news of re-scheduling.


9th February, 2018: Champions!

Last night, the Wolverhampton B team became Champions of Division 4 of the Wolverhampton and District Chess League. There is still one more match to complete, but after a resoundingly good season, they cannot be caught.
The credentials are commendable. 8 wins and only 1 loss so far.
The club's only entry in the Birmingham League (Division 2) are also having a great season. 6 wins and 2 draws (one due an unfortunate default). They sit on top of the 2nd Division of the league and are well-placed to be promoted back to the very competitive 1st Division. Let's hope promotion is not too far away and that the club can enjoy a more successful campaign next time around in the top-flight.
Overall, a very decent season. With the club maintaining interest in cup and trophy competitions too, it could be that they will be ordering extra silver polish this year!


7th February, 2018: Marching onwards.

Humphries Trophy: Wolverhampton has won it's delayed quarter-final game against Stafford. Now they face Rushall in the semi-finals.
More updates as and when they become available.


25th January, 2018: The message finally gets through.

It appears that the previously confusing situation with a couple of competitions is now resolved. The Humphreys and Bidgood Trophies now have clear quarter and semi-finalists.
If Wolverhampton win their quarter-final 'Humphries' match with Stafford (on the 6th February, and easier said than done), they will face Rushall in their semi-final match. The winner of this match will go on to meet the winner of the other semi-final between Walsall Kipping and Warley Quinborne.
As for the Bidgood semi-final draw, Wolverhampton's Geoff Rosser will face Tony Taylor of Halesowen, and Kevan Ward of Mercia will face Vic Brown of Walsall Kipping. Notably, Geoff is the highest rated player left in the tournament and should be favourite to walk away with the main prize.
Dates of semi-finals of the above matches / games are not yet known.
Click the links below for further information.
Humphries Trophy
Bidgood Trophy
UPDATE: 1st February, 2018. Wolverhampton are also still involved in the Pittaway Cup. See link below.
Pittaway Cup


17th January, 2018: Midland Counties Chess Union Rapid and Blitz Championship

On the 17th and 18th February, you will have the opportunity to play chess at breakneck speed. Please do not forget that it is just a game - not war!
Click the link below for further information.
MCCU Homepage


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